Lavistique is a young company with the aim of turning every order into a true experience. From the anticipation when ordering to unpacking your unique work of art, we ensure that every expectation is exceeded! 

From a dog to a horse and from a hamster to a chicken, each work of art receives equal attention. With our personal approach, nobody has to worry that his/her wish will not be fulfilled. As a result, we have been able to build a large and close community with all our artwork owners in a short time!

The love you have for your pet is proportional to our passion for creating each unique piece of art! 


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Once your order has been placed, one of our talented artists will be eager to get started and make your wish come true. They will do everything they can to make it 100% to your liking. Because of the love, passion and experience they work with, every portrait is a joy to work on.

Your wish + our skills + shared love for animals = A perfect and unique work of art for you ❤️

100% Customer satisfaction is most important to us. That is why we are continuously working on improving our quality. For both the templates (paintings) and the materials on which we print, we are always working to make it even better. 

We listen to every customer and are only satisfied when you are!

Photographing animals and their artworks, inventing & designing new templates and making all customers happy is what we do every day. Your beautiful photos and reactions is what we do it for!

We look forward to turning all your adorable pets into lifelike unique works of art. And we hope to fulfill all your wishes to create the most beautiful moments! ❤️