Valentine's Day gift for him and her

Valentijnscadeau voor hem of haar

Pet portrait – the best and most original Valentine's Day gift

Choosing a Valentine's gift is easy for some and a real task for others. Are you going for something small, something sentimental or are you going to go big? Either way, it should suit the one you love. Are you also looking for the best Valentine's gift for him or the best Valentine's gift for her? In this blog you will find the most original gift of 2022, with which you score points. Not only with your love, but also with your four-legged friend.


How do you find a good Valentine's Day gift?

Of course a bunch of roses, a sweet card and a night at the cinema are always a nice gift. Perhaps a little obvious. Finding a good Valentine's Day gift for him or her can be a little trickier. One partner can be super happy with a new sweater, while the other is mega picky and will return it asap. It is therefore always smart to listen carefully to your partner in the period before Valentine's Day. Although that is always recommended, especially if you want to keep it cozy.

Maybe your friend has talked about how happy he is with your house, tree, animal life. Or did he mention in a conversation that he still has a beautiful padding for the wall searches. This way you can be sure that you will find a good Valentine's gift for him. 
You may be able to choose a Valentine's gift for her unnoticed from her online shopping basket. Or you just see what background picture she has on her phone! If this is a photo of you as a family, you can be sure she will be delighted with an original piece of art.


Original portrait as gifts

Do you want to score a lot of points this year with the best Valentine's gift of 2022? (Exclusive medal, but you will certainly get a big hug or kiss in return) Then go for an original gift, such as a portrait of your pet. Not only your lover, but also your dearest pet will receive a present. And that in a nice jacket, literally!

This gift is one of a kind, super funny and also of sentimental value. Small warning: this Valentine's gift will make him or her laugh or cry. A combination of both is of course the best. A portrait of a four-legged friend fits in every household. Perhaps this is a portrait of a dog that he or she enjoys every day or has very nice memories of.

Do you find a hanging artwork too boring? Or is your loved one a real puzzler? Then look no further because we also have pet puzzles In the assortment!


How do you make your pet portrait?

Fortunately, you don't have to be too creative yourself to bring this portrait to life. In fact, it's even done for you. Find a nice and clear photo of your pet yourself. Select one of the cool designs for the costume and receive a sample of yours within two days unique Valentine's gift for him or her. Tie it, add some flowers and you're all set for February 14th.


Photo source: @laulaco on Unsplash