An original Mother's Day gift that she is really happy with

Een origineel Moederdag cadeau waar ze écht blij mee is

An original Mother's Day gift; your pet on the wall

It's the same story for you every year. Two days before Mother's Day you realize that you still have to arrange a present for your dearest mother. And all you can think of is a bunch of flowers or her favorite scent. Not quite the Mother's Day gift she deserves, right? We help you out! Soon it will be Mother's Day and we at Lavistique will help you find the perfect gift for your mother!

A Mother's Day gift to remember

Is your mother's greatest love her four-legged friend? Does she think about nothing else all day and can't stop talking about her pet? Now it's time to silence her in astonishment. At Lavistique you get an original Mother's Day gift that is completely dedicated to her dog or cat. She has never had so much fun unwrapping a present. 100% smile guaranteed.

There are different types of Mother's Day gifts that we offer. To make it clear (because who doesn't like convenience) we have listed our top three for you.

Gift 1: A Realistic Animal Portrait

If you meet pet portraits think, you probably envision a simple painting of your dog. But we do it just a little differently! At Lavistique, we transform your mother's four-legged friend into a real work of art. We put the head of her dog or cat on the body of an original figure. For example, you can choose the body of a princely Countess, or does your pet suit the body of the lieutenant? Isn't your mother a big fan of historical figures? Then we always have cool animal portraits such as the biker en the lawyer. Certainly enough to choose from something suitable for your mother.

In addition, you can also choose the material on which your animal portrait will be printed and the size. For example, you can choose from a (framed) poster, canvas and plexiglass. You will have your sample within 48 hours!

Gift 2: Puzzle your four-legged friend

Does your mother spend a lot of time at home and does she like to be creative? Then a personalized jigsaw puzzle maybe the right original Mother's Day gift for her! If you give your mother a puzzle, she will enjoy it for hours. With over 25 puzzles to choose from, Lavistique certainly has plenty to choose from. Our favorite is the fire brigade puzzle, but we also absolutely love it the English gangster.

Gift 3: Lavistique gift card

Are you not sure which figure suits your mother best and would you rather find something together? Then the Lavistique gift card the right solution for you. This way you know for sure that you are always in the right place and your mother is guaranteed to have fun!

With these original Mother's Day gift tips for animal lovers you will have enough inspiration to arrange a cool gift for your dear mother. We look forward to seeing your pet photos and can't wait to get started.